April 23, 2014 Executive Board Meeting minutes

English Students Association Executive Board Meeting


Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 11:10 a.m.

O’Neill’s, Abbotsford



Katie Stobbart (President)

Valerie Franklin (VP)

Kodie Cherrille (VP)

Sam Bhattacharjee (Treasurer)

Jess Wind (Previous Board Member)

Heidi Luhmert (Previous Board Member)



Dessa Bayrock




  1. Agenda approval
    1. The agenda was approved


Jess: “Don’t let ESA mascot die” His name is George Owl.

  1. Minutes approval
    1. The minutes for March 24th and 31st and the annual general meeting on April 9th have been approved
    2. We want more English students to read the minutes.
  2. Brief overview of each role
    1. Secretary

i.     Dessa isn’t here and can’t share her wisdom.

ii.     Paperwork and notes and minutes

  1. Treasurer

i.     Skipped because Sam was late and Dessa not here anyway.

ii.     Sam and Dessa to meet on their own to discuss treasurer duties.

  1. Vice presidents

i.     Do what needs to be done

ii.     One spearhead project per VP

iii.     Organize classroom visits to generate interest.

iv.     Play to your skills

v.     Kodie has contact with phil. dept.

vi.     Come up with ideas

vii.     Mentor reps at large

  1. President

i.     Stay in touch with faculty

ii.     Andrea MacPherson is the faculty advisor for ESA

iii.     Talk to Andrea about room bookings

iv.     Katie jokes that if she does a bad job as president we can always get rid of her. The method is in the constitution.

  1. General questions for outgoing board

i.     Heidi: “How are we so amazing?”

ii.     Avoiding conflicts of interest.

  1. Can’t be a signing authority on more than one student association board.
  2. ESA vs. Cascade society? Can be a member on both of these, because money does not come from the same SUS pool.

iii.     Did we give the theatre dept. any money this year? Someone said they had a check.

iv.     Grad party

  1. At the Reach. May 7th, a Wednesday, first day of summer semester. Who gets to go? Grad+1, new ESA board?
  1. Plan bank appointment for signing authorities
    1. The three signing authorities for the ESA bank account are to be Katie, Valerie, and Sam (President, a VP, and Treasurer).
    2. They will go Thursday morning to set up the account
  2. Determine meeting times and frequency for summer semester
    1. Sam wants to see his family for a month.
    2. Mostly online communication, but Kodie has no internet.
    3. Meet late August for sure to get things started for the Fall Semester.
    4. Need to talk about constitution
    5. Biweekly to monthly meetings

i.     3:30 on Wednesday’s. 30th April, every two weeks. Find a location.

  1. Plan some events for New Student Orientation and fall.
  2. Deadlines for adding items to the agenda are 3 days in advance. Post on the ESA Facebook board, email, etc. to Katie anything for next meeting’s agenda by Sunday at 1PM.
  3. Minutes to go up Thursday 8PM on private board.
  4. Dessa has a list of people from AGM that might be interested in Rep at Large


Other points made by members during discussion.

  • Work more with Louden
    Small monetary donation
    Support them, just not the same organization
  • Kodie: George Bowering doing a reading.
  • Lit Fest New West at Douglas College, Daniela will be doing a reading and a workshop. This weekend.


  • Thank-you project deadline for the 14th of May.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:11


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