May 14, 2014 – Executive Board Meeting minutes

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.

Campus Green

Meeting chaired by Katie Stobbart (President)

Minutes taken by Jeff Hughes (Secretary)



Katie Stobbart (President)
Valarie Franklin (Vice President)
Sam Bhattacharjee (Treasurer)
Jeff Hughes (Secretary)


Kodie Cherrille


  1. Agenda Approval

The agenda was approved.


  1. Minutes approval:

Katie – There are some changes for 3B.

  • Dessa corrections ads in The Cascade.
  • Dessa drew the George owls we’ve been using.

Minutes from May 7th have the rubber stamp after changes are made.


  1. New Blog:

Katie – Thanks Valerie, for putting together our new blog.


  1. Constitution Review:

Katie – Now we‘re going to look at our lovely constitution.

  • Many changes were discussed and can be viewed in the newest version of the constitution.
  • Selection or creation of an official logo needs to occur before constitution updates are completed.


  1. Set up bank account appointment
  • Bank account set up schedule to be done on Facebook.
  • Katie, Sam, and Valerie to make appointment based upon when they decide to go.
  1. Other Business

Sam: Please assign me something to do if I miss the meetings for work.

Katie: We can do that. Also, if you have any notes for our meetings that you might miss send those to me.


See Valerie’s attached proposal for little free library.

Katie: We should make our own instead of using the “Little Free Library.”

  • An ESA branded free library would allow ESA to better advertise itself.



Valerie: I spoke to someone in the science department, his name is Benjamin Tremblay. I emailed him about letting us know when there are events in the science department. I spoke to him as a member of the Cascade but he was receptive to the idea.

  • May delegate attendance of these meetings to another member—perhaps Kodie, since he expressed interest in interdepartmental events? Will talk to him.

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