May 28, 2014 – Executive Board Meeting minutes

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.
Room C1429

Meeting chaired by Katie Stobbart (President)

Minutes taken by Jeff Hughes (Secretary)



Katie Stobbart (President)
Kodie Cherrille (Vice President)
Jeff Hughes (Secretary)

Valerie Franklin (Vice President)
Sam Bhattacharjee (Treasurer)

Yuya Harada


  1. Agenda Approval
  • The agenda approved. Certain sections to be postponed due to absent executive members.


  1. Minutes Approval

Katie: I wrote down some changes we need to make on the minutes from May 14. Does anyone else have any changes?

  • There were no more changes.


  1. Final Constitution Approval
    1. Logo

Katie: I think that we should postpone the logo talk until Valerie is with us.

  • Kodie and Jeff agreed with Katie.

Katie: The final constitution, are we okay with giving it the rubber stamp?

  • Kodie and Jeff both give the constitution a nod.



  1. Grad gala contribution

Katie: The grad gala contribution, this is sort of left over from last year where we told the English department that we would cover half of the expenses for the grad gala up to $200.

  1. Bank Appointment
  2. Little Free Library

Katie: I’m sad to say that Sam and Valerie are not here today.
We can’t discuss the bank appointment or the free library.

Katie: Everything is hinging on the bank account, we have some expenses piling up.


  1. Daniela thank-you

Katie: The Daniela thank you was approved by last year’s board. They are planning a dinner with her and ESA will be paying for her dinner.

  • Need to figure out when and where.


  1. Other Business

Kodie: I said online that I have emails to send, I brought copies so we can all see them.

  • The emails meet the approval of all.

Katie: When we send email from ESA it is okay to say in the email which one of us sent it.

Katie: We have to change our names on the ESA page on the school website.

Jeff: I filled out the form for a room booking and got a reply saying it is being processed.


Meeting adjourned 3:59 p.m.




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