May 7, 2014 – Executive Board Meeting minutes

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.

Campus Green

Meeting chaired by Katie Stobbart

Minutes taken by Jeff Hughes



Katie Stobbart (President)
Kodie Cherrille (VP)
Valerie Franklin (VP)
Jeff Hughes (Secretary)

Sam Bhattacharjee (Treasurer)


  1. Agenda approval

Katie – Sam’s not here. Sorry, I’m going to eat cucumber during the meeting.

Kodie – Sam’s not here, so you’re going to eat cucumber?


Katie – 3 B should be “Facebook, Twitter, and website.” Anything else to add to the agenda?

Everyone – No.

Katie – Approved.


  1. Minutes approval

Katie – Have we all read the minutes?

Everyone – Yes.
Katie – We can approve the minutes.



  1. Online presence and posting of minutes

a) Post minutes on Facebook, website, or blog

Katie – Dessa suggested a blog to post our minutes.

Valerie – I totally dig that.



Katie – We can change the blog instead of the UFV website and link it.

Jeff – It is a poorly designed website.

Valerie – It’s a little maze.

Katie – So, we are in favour of the blog and linking it through our English department page?

Kodie – WordPress is where it’s at.

Valerie – If we all left at the same time it would also be a permanent record for our replacements.

Katie – Do we need to have a host for [Wordpress]?

Valerie – No, it just has WordPress in the URL.

Katie – Sounds like Valerie is our expert?

Valerie agrees to make our blog.


b) Facebook, Twitter and website

Katie – What do we want out of our social media? Contests, news, poetry, related local events, humour?

Kodie – Animal author puns.


Katie – The other thing to keep in mind is when you post content like interesting articles, cool puns, humour, make sure you don’t obscure our events.

Jeff – I think you can sticky stuff.

Katie will check to make sure everyone on the exec is an admin for the public Facebook page.

Valerie – Question, when we post something do we want to put our names on it?

Katie – It shows who posts it if you’re looking at it from our end. But if we want readers to see it, sure. Don’t feel weird about posting stuff on ESA, but if it’s offensive we might want to remove it. No one is to be horribly offensive. We all know what that might be but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Jeff – I usually save my offensive stuff for my own wall.

Kodie asks how many ads a student association gets in The Cascade per semester?

Katie – I believe we get one free, but associations might get a discount, I’m not sure.

We can use a summer ad to forecast fall events.


From Dessa Bayrock:

except for the button designs, I actually did the other drawings of George Owl too. 😛 The zombie one and him of a drink are both Bayrock classics. #tootingmyownhorn. On the Cascade side of things, you do get one free quarter page ad per school year and a half-price discount on any other ad space — talk to Joe for deets. We also donate ad space if we happen to have space, so if you have an event coming up you can always send it to ‘scade and say, here’s this, we can’t pay for it, but if you have room you could put it in! … and then sometimes it will actually get in.


Valerie – I would want to talk about the budget for contests if Sam were here.

c) Campus board

Katie – We have a 1×3 bulletin board in D building. We can put up a recent copy of our minutes there, our pictures, and maybe a super cool picture of George owl on the wall.


Jeff – Who drew it originally?

Katie – Dessa did the original on a napkin, but Tony did the one we have been using.


  1. Spearhead project ideas


Little free library (maybe with another name) – Valerie to plan.

Valerie – We could do something like a book sale and raise a very small amount of money for ESA and raise awareness.


With ESA bookmarks in all the books we sell! We would sell the books for a dollar or two apiece.


Themed workshops

Writing on the Green (Abby campus)


Campfire storytelling!

Movie nights with movies based on novels. Maybe have professors talk, if they specialize in it.

Valerie – We get our next writer in residence in September right?

Katie – Not until [Winter 2015].


Valerie will figure out what we need for campfire storytelling (marshmallows?) and set dates. One in June, and one in July. First one tentatively June 21st.

Val would also like to talk to Sam about budget for free lending library.

Katie – Anything else we want to look at?

Kodie – Correspondence with professors.

Valerie – Daniela Elza stuff last day is the 14th. I’m going to put it together and have a lunch with her.

Katie – May 14 is also the grad party. We have to RSVP if we go. You can bring a guest, but don’t bring a guest.

Valerie – May we go back to the spearhead ideas? I’m thinking about how can get this going? Who do I talk to about finding a place for the free library.

Katie – I would start with Martin. Start with what you envision for this project, put it on paper, then figure out how much it’s going to cost, who we need to involve, then get it into the agenda.


  1. Relationship with English department


Kodie – What are the faculty members willing to do with us?

Katie – Rajnish is our contact for this. What are they willing to offer, what can they do for us? They had professors coming to ESA events.

Valerie – I like the idea of opening up communication with them.

Katie – Some of the professors basically said they wanted to hear from students about what they expected from research papers. I got good feedback from the professors about students. Because the ESA has the responsibility of representing the English students it would be great to set up more meetings like this with the professors. We basically act as a middle man between students and professors.

Katie to Kodie – Do you want to draft the email and put it on the private board?



  1. ESA Board Group Bonding
    1. Hike


Hike not discussed until after the meeting. Othello tunnels were mentioned.


  1. Status of bank account
    Katie, Val, and Sam went to the bank and are now on file, but we need to bring an updated copy of the constitution and our recent minutes to the bank. Will set up a bank appointment for after our next meeting.
  2. Constitution to be discussed next time


Kodie – What knowledge should we come to the next meeting with?

Katie – Read the entire constitution and make notes on it. What should change? What should stay the same? What needs clarification?


Val reminds us we have until May 14th to get her letters, poems, pictures, and the like for Daniela’s book. After that it will be too late. Well, she will probably take stuff anyway because she’s so generous.


Jeff – Are we done?

Katie – We are!


Next meeting will be Wednesday, May 14th. Location TBA.



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