August 12, 2014 – Executive Board Meeting minutes

Tuesday, 12 August, 2014, at 9:45 a.m.
Cascade Office, C Building.



           Katie Stobbart (Prez [not Pezz])

Valerie Franklin (VP)

Kodie Cherrille (VP, recorded minutes in lieu of secretary)


            Sam Bhattacharjee (Treasurer)


  1. Amendments to the agenda

A lot of adding. We doubled our agenda content! All additions and amendments are as follows:

  • Agenda approval postponing proposed by Katie. Val seconded. Since it wasn’t put up on the ESA board Facebook page, we figured we could amend our agenda in the middle of the meeting. We controlled the chaos with deft steady hands and caffeinated souls (courtesy of Val. Thanks Val!)
  • Next semester plan of action proposed by Kodie. Katie seconded.
  • ESA page on UFV proposed by Katie. Val seconded.
  • Secretary discussion proposed by Katie. Val seconded.
  • Class visits proposed by Katie. Val seconded.

Agenda’s amendments were then approved.


  1. A library that happens, by pure coincidence, to be little and free.
  • We aren’t calling it a “little free library,” as that’s apparently a thing.
  • Maybe a title sign to go on top! We can paint it! And a painting of George Owl peeking out at a nice angle on the shelf’s backboard. And stamps on the books!
    • Val, in a voice of peculiarly dark glee on how to make stamps: “you get an exacto-knife and rubber and YOU STICK IT.”
  • All attendees agreed that only books will go on the little free library. No pamphlets, flyers, etc.
  • We agreed to check on the bookshelf at least once a week during semester.
  • Maybe a title sign to go on top! We can paint it! And a painting of George Owl peeking out at a nice angle on the shelf’s backboard. And stamps on the books!
  • Expected to be operational come first week of fall semester.
  • We need to find a good (legal) spot to place the shelf.
  • We agreed to have a new ESA meeting on Aug 29, sometime after 2 p.m. It’ll double as painting day!


  1. Winter Formal!

-We are in Entertainment and Decoration. Kodie chose these categories because “THEY’RE AWESOME” (Val), are less administrative in nature, and is more focussed on participation at the actual event (and not running around getting a DJ, funding, etc.)

-Kodie will attend all events, inform ESA of their duties, and post the Winter Formal committee’s minutes on the ESA board. It has been adopted as Kodie’s spearhead project.


  1. Literary criticism magazine

-Proposed by Melissa Walter to Val. A literary criticism magazine, which would also have reviews of literature.

-Val spoke to Trevor Carolan about the idea. “Who would this be for? Who would read it? Where would the money come from?” He compared it to the Louden Singletree (UFV annual literary magazine), which is itself barely making it, in spite of existing for six years and being a cool option for a directed study course.

-Katie: What about literary criticism inside the Louden Singletree? This would make the Louden more diverse (and more like other university magazines, which typically have such contributions).

– Katie offered to bring Melissa and Andrea MacPherson together (or at least correspond) in order to talk about it. Possibilities!


  1. U-Join

-Happening at Abbotsford on Monday Sept 8, from 11-4 p.m. and Chilliwack on Tuesday the 9th, 11-4 p.m. This is production day at The Cascade.

-ESA-piphany: let’s play scrabble at our table!

  • Class-one brainstorm ensued: let’s get prizes and ESA promo stuff (like bookmarks!). We should also have a good real-time feed happening on the ESA site to get more traffic, digitally and three-dimensionally.


  1. Plans of action
  • Katie quite interested in bringing back the open-mic nights over fall semester.
    • Kodie: Do we have any outlet for improv at the university? Maybe make it open-mic and improv?
  • Kodie had thought of writing an email at the beginning of the summer to Rajneesh Dhawan to ask him if he or other English faculty professors are interested in some kind of participation with the ESA. Still hasn’t happened. He promises to have an email sent before fall semester begins.
  • Kodie had been thinking, before taking on the winter formal stuff, about making an improv show on CIVL that is poetry-slammed themed. He shall continue to brainstorm and/or let it fester brilliantly in the ideal world, where it will not be tarnished by his attempts to act out those ideas and thus “world” them
  • “Can-lit propaganda program” – Katie proposed we distribute little pieces of poetry and prose from Canadian writers. Universal acclaim ensued.


  1. Website shenanigans.
  • The ESA website hasn’t been updated for a while, but in order to update it, we need to take a quick course.
    • Katie: “I said I’d take it … Anyone one to take it? Eh? EH?!”


  1. Goodbye for now, Jeff.
  • We love you. Come back into our owly arms soon!
  • Secretary position is now open for ESA. In the meantime, duties will be distributed across the ESA exec board.
  • We also need to touch base with Sam, our treasurer.
    • We also really need to set up a bank account.


  1. Class visits.
  • Katie offered to do much of the recruiting
  • Of course, in every class we take in the fall, every ESA member will be vocal about the ESA and how awesome it is to be in it. Of course you will. Good owl.

Meeting adjourned at 10:44 a.m. Have fun on your respective trips, Val and Katie!


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