October 1, 2014 – Executive Board Meeting agenda

Wednesday, October 1, 2014, 9:00 a.m.

The Cascade office, because overlap and Keurig

  1. Approve the agenda
  2. Approve minutes from last two meetings, because Katie forgot them at home last time … and this time … can we just agree we’ve all seen them on Facebook?
  3. Ashley agreed to be our treasurer. Let’s pull out the sceptre and appoint her because we really need a treasurer.
  5. The Death of the Little Free Library Dream with arbitrary caps to show how devastating this this really is (and what do we do with the shelf?)
  6. Taking the financial bull by the horns, and other fiscal stories
  7. Clubs and associations kicked off, and what we now know about funding and stuff because Katie went and partook of the free food
  8. Maybe we should do an afternoon reading at the bookstore in conjunction with Louden Singletree?
  9. We should put cool poems and short stories by Canadian writers on just pieces of paper around campus so that people can read them, take them, write notes on the back, and make paper airplanes—Katie is reviving this notion because she really wants to do it and already picked out a couple poems. Short story recommendations? (Send them by email, we don’t have time to discuss in full today.)
  10. Do we want faculty on our Facebook group? (i.e. Rajneesh)
  11. Katie’s going to the English department meeting, which is pretty darn cool. What do we want to tell profs?
  12. New friends, and, so… we still don’t have a secretary.
  13. So, we never really did class visits and that is in a way good because trying to coordinate that with Louden visits would be really annoying (because more overlap — ALL THE OVERLAP) but yeah, we probably should do at least a few of those… for ESA… yeah.

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