October 1, 2014 – Executive Board Meeting minutes

Wednesday, 1 October, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.

Cascade Office, C Building.


         Katie Stobbart (President)

Valerie Franklin (VP)

Kodie Cherrille (VP, interim secretary)

Ashley Mussbacher (Treasurer)


  1. Agenda approval.


  1. Approval of 2 previous minutes.


  1. Ashley Mussbacher appointed to be treasurer.
  • Katie, Kodie, and Val inaugurated her with the great Fountain Pen Sceptre.


  1. U-Join.
  • Scrabble was quite popular.
  • Vanessa Broadbent won the bottle.
  • Val has receipts for Ashley re. U-Join expenses.


  1. Death of LFL
  • Little Free Library rejected by facilities: it’s ugly; it’s a fire hazard; it could fall on someone.
    • Kodie: should we ask them what kind of criteria would allow it passage?
    • Val: let’s rest this idea for now.
  • Shelf to be moved to the multi-faith prayer room, next to the Cascade office.


  1. Grabbing the financial bull by the horns.
  • 2 signers required at the bank, for Thursday Oct 2 (2:00 p.m.) at Envision on South Fraser Way.
  • Ashley to print off emails, which she and Katie will sign.
  • First goal for treasurer: why, pay everyone back, of course!
  1. Clubs and Associations meeting.
  • SUS is providing funds differently this year. They’re now all by request.
  • We should make sure we know when we have to renew our Association status.


  1. Reading at the bookstore!
  • CIVL has readings at AfterMath.
  • Possible crossover opportunities with the Louden Singletree, the UFV lit mag.
    • Louden issues at the event
    • Louden contributors from previous issues could be contacted and asked to read.
  • There’s also the possibility of holding readings on weeknights at Finnegans.
  • Is there a possibility of getting all of UFV’s previous writers in residence to come together for a night? They could form a poetry/storytelling panel!


  1. Poems and short stories distribution
  • Dispersing little CanLit poems and short stories across campus.
  • Copyright issues?
    • Katie: if we find it online, a credit at the bottom should be okay.
    • We can also contact authors to see if they’re cool with it.
  • http://lemonhound.com/ plug: it’s great for CanLit stuff!
  • Prose should be 3 pages or less.
  • Louden material?
    • Might be overkill. We have Loudens on campus.


  • Rajneesh in ESA?
  • Rajneesh Dhawan, UFV professor and cool dude, wanted to be on the exec board Facebook group to provide advice.
  • For:
    • He’d provide ideas from a different perspective.
    • He might have a clear understanding of what ESA can do / get away with.
  • Against:
    • We already have good contact with faculty.
    • We might feel a little bit intimidated to discuss particular things.
    • As a student association, we should preserve our student status.
  • As a faculty advisor, he is very well invited to our non-exec meetings.
  • Katie is going to be at forthcoming English department meetings as a representative of ESA, and we can hear faculty advice there, too.


  • What should ESA say at the English department meeting?
  • Having professors coming to ESA readings. And: Reading! Their! Stuff!
  • “Special topics” and “literature in context” course descriptions remain vague for too long. Sometimes students don’t know what kind of course they’re going into until the first day of class, and by then, it’s too late to withdraw without losing money.
  • Workshops put on by faculty and ESA
    • “How to write a thesis statement,” and the like. While students typically have such skills, it might be useful to provide explicit teaching of certain writing techniques.
    • Kodie: Would the Writing Centre be interested in these sorts of workshops, too?
  • Meeting between faculty and English students at the end of Winter 2014 was great.


  • New friends, but no secretary.
  • Regular meeting times need to be established.
    • Monday mornings after Cascade meetings looks good.
    • Everyone present agrees to 9:00 a.m. on Mondays. Val to book a room.


  • Remember class visits?
  • Probably good that we didn’t do them, since there’s those darned Loudeners currently making rounds.
  • Regardless, we ought to talk to our own classes about ESA, for sure.
  • Val to give Ashley a link to ESA’s WordPress.

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