Executive Board Meeting minutes – October 20, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014 at 9 – 9:38 a.m.

C 1429, UFV Abbotsford campus


         Katie Stobbart (President)

Valerie Franklin (Vice president)

Kodie Cherrille (VP, secretarial duty)

Ashley Mussbacher (Treasurer)

Anthony Biondi (Dude-at-large)

Heidi Luhmert (Alum)


  1. Agenda approval
  • Kodie requests adding a point: Storytelling.
  • Ashley requests: receipts.
  • Agenda then approved.


  1. Approval of previous meeting’s minutes


  1. All Hallows’ Read
  • Alisha (from Clubs and Associations) to approve posters. Val to bug her.
  • Decoration-picking-upping.
    • Ashley allots $20 for a dollar store splurge.
    • Shopping time to be determined between Ash and Val.
  • Pumpkin donation by Dessa?!
    • Thank you, most benevolent human-in-chief.
    • To be a donation pumpkin for Louden?
  • Refreshments (candy and maybe coffee)?


  1. Association re-registration
  • Some form must be submitted to claim we still exist.
  • This must happen before the end of November.


  1. Grad Chat, November 4
  • 5 grads, who are doing stuff with their English degrees, explaining their stuff-doing.
  • Speed-dating extravaganza to happen after that.
  • ESA asked to do promotions via class visits and sharing the event on Facebook.
  • This is put on by the Career Centre and English Department.
  • Discussion point: Ashley smells nice.


  1. Peer tutoring/help for 100- and 200-level English students
  • Different from peer mentoring: bridges the gap between peer mentoring and Writing Centre.
  • Heidi: This sounds like the SLG.
  • CCR opportunities.
    • Heidi: is CCR becoming more of a thing?
    • Kodie: Yes, it’s becoming more and more included nationwide.
  • Ashley: We should have a contract with student mentors and ESA to prevent any perceived liability issues.


  1. Storytelling
  • Kodie had an idea for a nonfiction storytelling event: tell us about a fascinating/weird/beautiful/awful/[adjective ]thing that has happened in your life. He says he sees a lot of storytelling events like this happening in Vancouver, and there’s a cool podcast called The Moth, and a couple of CBC shows with a similar idea.
  • Ashley: To make it good, we’d need criteria, a time limit, and maybe a panel of judges.
  • The winner could get something like food or a drink or something.
    • Anthony: This is like The Canterbury Tales!
    • Kodie: Putting a TCB-spin on the event would be so rad.
  • January might be a decent time to hold this event.
  • Workshop opportunity: “how to tell an interesting story.”
    • Val recommends talking to Raymond Welch and Michelle Riedlinger: they’re communication profs, and they know how to make a piece sparkle with awesome.
  • Doing posters for this event would be a decent idea.


  1. Ashley still wants receipts.
  • Did you buy a thing on behalf of ESA? Did you want to be reimbursed? Whoyagonnacall?
    • Chorus of children : Ashley!

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