Executive Board Meeting minutes – October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. in C1429


Attendees: Katie, Valerie, Ashley

Regrets: Kodie



  • Approved agenda.
  1. Approved minutes from October 20, 2014.
  2. GradChat event coming November 4 — class visits!
    • Between Wednesday and Monday (October 29 – November 2) we should aim to cover at least 12 classes.
      1. Target upper level classes.
      2. Four people, three classes each.
  • Katie will take 360, and 363. Ashley will take 312, and 311.
  1. Email the professors in advance and Katie will put together talking points by Wednesday and email them out (post on Facebook group).
  1. All Hallows’ Read happening this Wednesday, October 29!
    1. Val bought candy, because who doesn’t love candy?
    2. Refreshments? Val will talk to Louden to see if they can cover the drinks since ESA is looking after decorations, candy, and prizes.
    3. PUMPKINS! Val will pick up two pumpkins, and Ashley is donating one. Maybe we can carve ESA and/or Louden brand on them?
    4. Each host should bring something to read.
    5. A sign-up sheet should be put together for readers.
    6. Who will be MC? Ashley volunteers! 🙂
    7. ETS equipment is ready for pick-up. Ashley will pick-up and drop-off. Need someone to setup: Val says she can ask Jeff.
    8. Prizes: Val will pick up a $25 Bookstore Gift Card, and two bags of candy around $10 ($5 each).
      1. First place prize (Gift Card) to most elaborate costume, and the two candy bags for scariest and funniest. There might be overlap?
    9. Treasurer updates.
      1. All receipts have been found! YAY! Will begin paying people back as soon as next meeting. Because we all love money.
      2. Annual budget has been drafted.
      3. When you hand in original receipts, Ashley will make copies and give them back so we all keep our records organized.
      4. As a rule: if you buy something for ESA, produce a receipt or you will not be paid back. Allow for at least a two week period to be repaid.
      5. Have budgeted for a donation to Louden, but will wait for their fundraiser to contact us first. We have budgeted for a donation of $300 maximum.


  1. ESA needs a secretary!
    1. Katie has a list of people who might be interested.
    2. We will open the next meeting to new people.
    3. In order to re-register we need a formal secretary to sign. No secretary, no ESA registration. 😦
    4. Vanessa Broadbent has expressed interest in the secretarial position. Ashley talked to her today.


  1. Adjournment.



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