Executive Board Meeting minutes – October 6, 2014


         Katie Stobbart (President)

Valerie Franklin (Vice President)

Kodie Cherrille (Vice President, secretarial duty)

Ashley Mussbacher (Treasurer)


  1. Agenda approval.
  • Kodie requests adding a Louden discussion point.
  • Agenda then approved.


  1. Approval of previous minutes.
  • Ashley: could you make the ESA minutes a bit more boring?
  • Discussion ensued re. whether a boring set of minutes would be useful or detrimental.
  • Kodie to stop using so many exclamation marks, and maybe use Times New Roman font (“or comic sans!” – A.).
  • I ask the reader of these minutes to listen to the Seinfeld theme song at this period of time, as such a conversation was deliciously redundant. Someone call Larry David.


  1. Band account update.
  • Katie and Ashley set up the ESA account. The lady was very accommodating.
  • Katie tracking down receipts. ESA expects to give back about $200 to those who bought stuff for ESA events.


  1. Department meeting recap.
  • Katie went to an English department meeting. It was super cool.
  • Faculty really receptive about crash-course / workshop idea.
  • Faculty: ESA should ask students what they would like to see.
    • Facebook poll
    • Face-to-face conversation
    • ESA Exec (Lord) Board to be the digital crucible where we hammer out poll questions.
  • to vote on whether ESA will go to subsequent meetings.
  • Kodie: workshop material should be accessible online after the fact as a useful resource for future students.


  1. Reading planning.
  • AfterMath’s usually taken.
  • Wednesdays at 7 p.m. an okay time?
    • Discussion ensued re. reading specifics.
  • It looks like Wednesday the 29th at the bookstore!
  • Loudeners to discuss at the coming Louden board meeting.
  • Bookstore top choice for open-mic area.
    • Discussion: what should we bring to a spooky reading?
    • Streamers, spider webs, spooky poetry.
    • Costume contest?
    • Invite professors!
    • Donation pumpkin for the Louden
  • ESA execs cannot be in any contests.


  1. New friends.
  • Katie to get in touch with new ESA friends.
  • Vanessa Broadbent cannot come to 9 a.m. meetings on Monday, as she has class.


  1. Class visits and talks
  • We still have bookmarks and buttons!
  • Tony and Val are making bookmarks for the Louden, they can easily get some ESA bookmarks printed at the same time.
  • Ashley to send digital version of Louden bookmark to Val.


  1. Room bookings: the saga continues.
  • We may need to find another room to reserve (and at another time) in order to get Vanessa Broadbent on board.

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