Executive Board Meeting minutes – October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. in C1429


Attendees: Katie, Valerie, Ashley

Regrets: Kodie



  • Approved agenda.
  1. Approved minutes from October 20, 2014.
  2. GradChat event coming November 4 — class visits!
    • Between Wednesday and Monday (October 29 – November 2) we should aim to cover at least 12 classes.
      1. Target upper level classes.
      2. Four people, three classes each.
  • Katie will take 360, and 363. Ashley will take 312, and 311.
  1. Email the professors in advance and Katie will put together talking points by Wednesday and email them out (post on Facebook group).
  1. All Hallows’ Read happening this Wednesday, October 29!
    1. Val bought candy, because who doesn’t love candy?
    2. Refreshments? Val will talk to Louden to see if they can cover the drinks since ESA is looking after decorations, candy, and prizes.
    3. PUMPKINS! Val will pick up two pumpkins, and Ashley is donating one. Maybe we can carve ESA and/or Louden brand on them?
    4. Each host should bring something to read.
    5. A sign-up sheet should be put together for readers.
    6. Who will be MC? Ashley volunteers! 🙂
    7. ETS equipment is ready for pick-up. Ashley will pick-up and drop-off. Need someone to setup: Val says she can ask Jeff.
    8. Prizes: Val will pick up a $25 Bookstore Gift Card, and two bags of candy around $10 ($5 each).
      1. First place prize (Gift Card) to most elaborate costume, and the two candy bags for scariest and funniest. There might be overlap?
    9. Treasurer updates.
      1. All receipts have been found! YAY! Will begin paying people back as soon as next meeting. Because we all love money.
      2. Annual budget has been drafted.
      3. When you hand in original receipts, Ashley will make copies and give them back so we all keep our records organized.
      4. As a rule: if you buy something for ESA, produce a receipt or you will not be paid back. Allow for at least a two week period to be repaid.
      5. Have budgeted for a donation to Louden, but will wait for their fundraiser to contact us first. We have budgeted for a donation of $300 maximum.


  1. ESA needs a secretary!
    1. Katie has a list of people who might be interested.
    2. We will open the next meeting to new people.
    3. In order to re-register we need a formal secretary to sign. No secretary, no ESA registration. 😦
    4. Vanessa Broadbent has expressed interest in the secretarial position. Ashley talked to her today.


  1. Adjournment.



Executive Board Meeting minutes – October 20, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014 at 9 – 9:38 a.m.

C 1429, UFV Abbotsford campus


         Katie Stobbart (President)

Valerie Franklin (Vice president)

Kodie Cherrille (VP, secretarial duty)

Ashley Mussbacher (Treasurer)

Anthony Biondi (Dude-at-large)

Heidi Luhmert (Alum)


  1. Agenda approval
  • Kodie requests adding a point: Storytelling.
  • Ashley requests: receipts.
  • Agenda then approved.


  1. Approval of previous meeting’s minutes


  1. All Hallows’ Read
  • Alisha (from Clubs and Associations) to approve posters. Val to bug her.
  • Decoration-picking-upping.
    • Ashley allots $20 for a dollar store splurge.
    • Shopping time to be determined between Ash and Val.
  • Pumpkin donation by Dessa?!
    • Thank you, most benevolent human-in-chief.
    • To be a donation pumpkin for Louden?
  • Refreshments (candy and maybe coffee)?


  1. Association re-registration
  • Some form must be submitted to claim we still exist.
  • This must happen before the end of November.


  1. Grad Chat, November 4
  • 5 grads, who are doing stuff with their English degrees, explaining their stuff-doing.
  • Speed-dating extravaganza to happen after that.
  • ESA asked to do promotions via class visits and sharing the event on Facebook.
  • This is put on by the Career Centre and English Department.
  • Discussion point: Ashley smells nice.


  1. Peer tutoring/help for 100- and 200-level English students
  • Different from peer mentoring: bridges the gap between peer mentoring and Writing Centre.
  • Heidi: This sounds like the SLG.
  • CCR opportunities.
    • Heidi: is CCR becoming more of a thing?
    • Kodie: Yes, it’s becoming more and more included nationwide.
  • Ashley: We should have a contract with student mentors and ESA to prevent any perceived liability issues.


  1. Storytelling
  • Kodie had an idea for a nonfiction storytelling event: tell us about a fascinating/weird/beautiful/awful/[adjective ]thing that has happened in your life. He says he sees a lot of storytelling events like this happening in Vancouver, and there’s a cool podcast called The Moth, and a couple of CBC shows with a similar idea.
  • Ashley: To make it good, we’d need criteria, a time limit, and maybe a panel of judges.
  • The winner could get something like food or a drink or something.
    • Anthony: This is like The Canterbury Tales!
    • Kodie: Putting a TCB-spin on the event would be so rad.
  • January might be a decent time to hold this event.
  • Workshop opportunity: “how to tell an interesting story.”
    • Val recommends talking to Raymond Welch and Michelle Riedlinger: they’re communication profs, and they know how to make a piece sparkle with awesome.
  • Doing posters for this event would be a decent idea.


  1. Ashley still wants receipts.
  • Did you buy a thing on behalf of ESA? Did you want to be reimbursed? Whoyagonnacall?
    • Chorus of children : Ashley!

Executive Board Meeting minutes – October 6, 2014


         Katie Stobbart (President)

Valerie Franklin (Vice President)

Kodie Cherrille (Vice President, secretarial duty)

Ashley Mussbacher (Treasurer)


  1. Agenda approval.
  • Kodie requests adding a Louden discussion point.
  • Agenda then approved.


  1. Approval of previous minutes.
  • Ashley: could you make the ESA minutes a bit more boring?
  • Discussion ensued re. whether a boring set of minutes would be useful or detrimental.
  • Kodie to stop using so many exclamation marks, and maybe use Times New Roman font (“or comic sans!” – A.).
  • I ask the reader of these minutes to listen to the Seinfeld theme song at this period of time, as such a conversation was deliciously redundant. Someone call Larry David.


  1. Band account update.
  • Katie and Ashley set up the ESA account. The lady was very accommodating.
  • Katie tracking down receipts. ESA expects to give back about $200 to those who bought stuff for ESA events.


  1. Department meeting recap.
  • Katie went to an English department meeting. It was super cool.
  • Faculty really receptive about crash-course / workshop idea.
  • Faculty: ESA should ask students what they would like to see.
    • Facebook poll
    • Face-to-face conversation
    • ESA Exec (Lord) Board to be the digital crucible where we hammer out poll questions.
  • to vote on whether ESA will go to subsequent meetings.
  • Kodie: workshop material should be accessible online after the fact as a useful resource for future students.


  1. Reading planning.
  • AfterMath’s usually taken.
  • Wednesdays at 7 p.m. an okay time?
    • Discussion ensued re. reading specifics.
  • It looks like Wednesday the 29th at the bookstore!
  • Loudeners to discuss at the coming Louden board meeting.
  • Bookstore top choice for open-mic area.
    • Discussion: what should we bring to a spooky reading?
    • Streamers, spider webs, spooky poetry.
    • Costume contest?
    • Invite professors!
    • Donation pumpkin for the Louden
  • ESA execs cannot be in any contests.


  1. New friends.
  • Katie to get in touch with new ESA friends.
  • Vanessa Broadbent cannot come to 9 a.m. meetings on Monday, as she has class.


  1. Class visits and talks
  • We still have bookmarks and buttons!
  • Tony and Val are making bookmarks for the Louden, they can easily get some ESA bookmarks printed at the same time.
  • Ashley to send digital version of Louden bookmark to Val.


  1. Room bookings: the saga continues.
  • We may need to find another room to reserve (and at another time) in order to get Vanessa Broadbent on board.

October 1, 2014 – Executive Board Meeting minutes

Wednesday, 1 October, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.

Cascade Office, C Building.


         Katie Stobbart (President)

Valerie Franklin (VP)

Kodie Cherrille (VP, interim secretary)

Ashley Mussbacher (Treasurer)


  1. Agenda approval.


  1. Approval of 2 previous minutes.


  1. Ashley Mussbacher appointed to be treasurer.
  • Katie, Kodie, and Val inaugurated her with the great Fountain Pen Sceptre.


  1. U-Join.
  • Scrabble was quite popular.
  • Vanessa Broadbent won the bottle.
  • Val has receipts for Ashley re. U-Join expenses.


  1. Death of LFL
  • Little Free Library rejected by facilities: it’s ugly; it’s a fire hazard; it could fall on someone.
    • Kodie: should we ask them what kind of criteria would allow it passage?
    • Val: let’s rest this idea for now.
  • Shelf to be moved to the multi-faith prayer room, next to the Cascade office.


  1. Grabbing the financial bull by the horns.
  • 2 signers required at the bank, for Thursday Oct 2 (2:00 p.m.) at Envision on South Fraser Way.
  • Ashley to print off emails, which she and Katie will sign.
  • First goal for treasurer: why, pay everyone back, of course!
  1. Clubs and Associations meeting.
  • SUS is providing funds differently this year. They’re now all by request.
  • We should make sure we know when we have to renew our Association status.


  1. Reading at the bookstore!
  • CIVL has readings at AfterMath.
  • Possible crossover opportunities with the Louden Singletree, the UFV lit mag.
    • Louden issues at the event
    • Louden contributors from previous issues could be contacted and asked to read.
  • There’s also the possibility of holding readings on weeknights at Finnegans.
  • Is there a possibility of getting all of UFV’s previous writers in residence to come together for a night? They could form a poetry/storytelling panel!


  1. Poems and short stories distribution
  • Dispersing little CanLit poems and short stories across campus.
  • Copyright issues?
    • Katie: if we find it online, a credit at the bottom should be okay.
    • We can also contact authors to see if they’re cool with it.
  • http://lemonhound.com/ plug: it’s great for CanLit stuff!
  • Prose should be 3 pages or less.
  • Louden material?
    • Might be overkill. We have Loudens on campus.


  • Rajneesh in ESA?
  • Rajneesh Dhawan, UFV professor and cool dude, wanted to be on the exec board Facebook group to provide advice.
  • For:
    • He’d provide ideas from a different perspective.
    • He might have a clear understanding of what ESA can do / get away with.
  • Against:
    • We already have good contact with faculty.
    • We might feel a little bit intimidated to discuss particular things.
    • As a student association, we should preserve our student status.
  • As a faculty advisor, he is very well invited to our non-exec meetings.
  • Katie is going to be at forthcoming English department meetings as a representative of ESA, and we can hear faculty advice there, too.


  • What should ESA say at the English department meeting?
  • Having professors coming to ESA readings. And: Reading! Their! Stuff!
  • “Special topics” and “literature in context” course descriptions remain vague for too long. Sometimes students don’t know what kind of course they’re going into until the first day of class, and by then, it’s too late to withdraw without losing money.
  • Workshops put on by faculty and ESA
    • “How to write a thesis statement,” and the like. While students typically have such skills, it might be useful to provide explicit teaching of certain writing techniques.
    • Kodie: Would the Writing Centre be interested in these sorts of workshops, too?
  • Meeting between faculty and English students at the end of Winter 2014 was great.


  • New friends, but no secretary.
  • Regular meeting times need to be established.
    • Monday mornings after Cascade meetings looks good.
    • Everyone present agrees to 9:00 a.m. on Mondays. Val to book a room.


  • Remember class visits?
  • Probably good that we didn’t do them, since there’s those darned Loudeners currently making rounds.
  • Regardless, we ought to talk to our own classes about ESA, for sure.
  • Val to give Ashley a link to ESA’s WordPress.

August 12, 2014 – Executive Board Meeting minutes

Tuesday, 12 August, 2014, at 9:45 a.m.
Cascade Office, C Building.



           Katie Stobbart (Prez [not Pezz])

Valerie Franklin (VP)

Kodie Cherrille (VP, recorded minutes in lieu of secretary)


            Sam Bhattacharjee (Treasurer)


  1. Amendments to the agenda

A lot of adding. We doubled our agenda content! All additions and amendments are as follows:

  • Agenda approval postponing proposed by Katie. Val seconded. Since it wasn’t put up on the ESA board Facebook page, we figured we could amend our agenda in the middle of the meeting. We controlled the chaos with deft steady hands and caffeinated souls (courtesy of Val. Thanks Val!)
  • Next semester plan of action proposed by Kodie. Katie seconded.
  • ESA page on UFV proposed by Katie. Val seconded.
  • Secretary discussion proposed by Katie. Val seconded.
  • Class visits proposed by Katie. Val seconded.

Agenda’s amendments were then approved.


  1. A library that happens, by pure coincidence, to be little and free.
  • We aren’t calling it a “little free library,” as that’s apparently a thing.
  • Maybe a title sign to go on top! We can paint it! And a painting of George Owl peeking out at a nice angle on the shelf’s backboard. And stamps on the books!
    • Val, in a voice of peculiarly dark glee on how to make stamps: “you get an exacto-knife and rubber and YOU STICK IT.”
  • All attendees agreed that only books will go on the little free library. No pamphlets, flyers, etc.
  • We agreed to check on the bookshelf at least once a week during semester.
  • Maybe a title sign to go on top! We can paint it! And a painting of George Owl peeking out at a nice angle on the shelf’s backboard. And stamps on the books!
  • Expected to be operational come first week of fall semester.
  • We need to find a good (legal) spot to place the shelf.
  • We agreed to have a new ESA meeting on Aug 29, sometime after 2 p.m. It’ll double as painting day!


  1. Winter Formal!

-We are in Entertainment and Decoration. Kodie chose these categories because “THEY’RE AWESOME” (Val), are less administrative in nature, and is more focussed on participation at the actual event (and not running around getting a DJ, funding, etc.)

-Kodie will attend all events, inform ESA of their duties, and post the Winter Formal committee’s minutes on the ESA board. It has been adopted as Kodie’s spearhead project.


  1. Literary criticism magazine

-Proposed by Melissa Walter to Val. A literary criticism magazine, which would also have reviews of literature.

-Val spoke to Trevor Carolan about the idea. “Who would this be for? Who would read it? Where would the money come from?” He compared it to the Louden Singletree (UFV annual literary magazine), which is itself barely making it, in spite of existing for six years and being a cool option for a directed study course.

-Katie: What about literary criticism inside the Louden Singletree? This would make the Louden more diverse (and more like other university magazines, which typically have such contributions).

– Katie offered to bring Melissa and Andrea MacPherson together (or at least correspond) in order to talk about it. Possibilities!


  1. U-Join

-Happening at Abbotsford on Monday Sept 8, from 11-4 p.m. and Chilliwack on Tuesday the 9th, 11-4 p.m. This is production day at The Cascade.

-ESA-piphany: let’s play scrabble at our table!

  • Class-one brainstorm ensued: let’s get prizes and ESA promo stuff (like bookmarks!). We should also have a good real-time feed happening on the ESA site to get more traffic, digitally and three-dimensionally.


  1. Plans of action
  • Katie quite interested in bringing back the open-mic nights over fall semester.
    • Kodie: Do we have any outlet for improv at the university? Maybe make it open-mic and improv?
  • Kodie had thought of writing an email at the beginning of the summer to Rajneesh Dhawan to ask him if he or other English faculty professors are interested in some kind of participation with the ESA. Still hasn’t happened. He promises to have an email sent before fall semester begins.
  • Kodie had been thinking, before taking on the winter formal stuff, about making an improv show on CIVL that is poetry-slammed themed. He shall continue to brainstorm and/or let it fester brilliantly in the ideal world, where it will not be tarnished by his attempts to act out those ideas and thus “world” them
  • “Can-lit propaganda program” – Katie proposed we distribute little pieces of poetry and prose from Canadian writers. Universal acclaim ensued.


  1. Website shenanigans.
  • The ESA website hasn’t been updated for a while, but in order to update it, we need to take a quick course.
    • Katie: “I said I’d take it … Anyone one to take it? Eh? EH?!”


  1. Goodbye for now, Jeff.
  • We love you. Come back into our owly arms soon!
  • Secretary position is now open for ESA. In the meantime, duties will be distributed across the ESA exec board.
  • We also need to touch base with Sam, our treasurer.
    • We also really need to set up a bank account.


  1. Class visits.
  • Katie offered to do much of the recruiting
  • Of course, in every class we take in the fall, every ESA member will be vocal about the ESA and how awesome it is to be in it. Of course you will. Good owl.

Meeting adjourned at 10:44 a.m. Have fun on your respective trips, Val and Katie!

June 11, 2014 – Executive Board Meeting minutes

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.
Room A233

Meeting chaired by Katie Stobbart (President)

Minutes taken by Jeff Hughes (Secretary)


Katie Stobbart (President)

Valerie Franklin (Vice President)

Jeff Hughes (Secretary)



Kodie Cherrille

Sam Bhattacharjee



  1. Agenda Approval
  • The Agenda was approved after agreeing to remove discussion of the campfire.
  1. Minutes Approval
  • The minutes from May 28, 2014 were approved.
  1. Bank Account Status
  • Valerie to investigate account status with Sam. About funding for LFL when Sam returns.
  • We still haven’t received the total cost for the grad party.

Katie: We can’t pay cover our costs until we get that.

  1. Little Free Library
  • Still need to acquire a bookshelf.
  • Once acquired, decoration will begin.
  • Suggested decorations include George, the ESA mascot and Hedwig from the Harry Potter series.
  1. Campfire Storytelling
  • Campfire item returned to the agenda.
  • There were no fire bans at potential campfire locations. Will have to check again closer to the event.


  1. Other Projects/Business.
  • Great Gatsby Party in Harrison. Valerie is attending and will share this event on the public ESA board.
  • Jeff wants to get a talk or workshop on the rhetoric of science set up for the fall semester. He will research more on this idea. Katie doesn’t think it’s something the ESA would sponsor, but supports looking into it for further information.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 4:00 PM.

May 28, 2014 – Executive Board Meeting minutes

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.
Room C1429

Meeting chaired by Katie Stobbart (President)

Minutes taken by Jeff Hughes (Secretary)



Katie Stobbart (President)
Kodie Cherrille (Vice President)
Jeff Hughes (Secretary)

Valerie Franklin (Vice President)
Sam Bhattacharjee (Treasurer)

Yuya Harada


  1. Agenda Approval
  • The agenda approved. Certain sections to be postponed due to absent executive members.


  1. Minutes Approval

Katie: I wrote down some changes we need to make on the minutes from May 14. Does anyone else have any changes?

  • There were no more changes.


  1. Final Constitution Approval
    1. Logo

Katie: I think that we should postpone the logo talk until Valerie is with us.

  • Kodie and Jeff agreed with Katie.

Katie: The final constitution, are we okay with giving it the rubber stamp?

  • Kodie and Jeff both give the constitution a nod.



  1. Grad gala contribution

Katie: The grad gala contribution, this is sort of left over from last year where we told the English department that we would cover half of the expenses for the grad gala up to $200.

  1. Bank Appointment
  2. Little Free Library

Katie: I’m sad to say that Sam and Valerie are not here today.
We can’t discuss the bank appointment or the free library.

Katie: Everything is hinging on the bank account, we have some expenses piling up.


  1. Daniela thank-you

Katie: The Daniela thank you was approved by last year’s board. They are planning a dinner with her and ESA will be paying for her dinner.

  • Need to figure out when and where.


  1. Other Business

Kodie: I said online that I have emails to send, I brought copies so we can all see them.

  • The emails meet the approval of all.

Katie: When we send email from ESA it is okay to say in the email which one of us sent it.

Katie: We have to change our names on the ESA page on the school website.

Jeff: I filled out the form for a room booking and got a reply saying it is being processed.


Meeting adjourned 3:59 p.m.